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Jun 23, 2021

We seek to create a renaissance in the nonprofit world by developing and nurturing a sustainable funding model for hundreds of non profits around the world.

Visalia, United States - June 24, 2021 /PressCable/ —

Who has ever heard of exiting a startup by becoming a nonprofit. Why would a startup exit to become a Nonprofit. Because the Company’s model is “Lead by Example” to prove they can produce better outcomes for investors and the world. It’s a sorely-needed revision to the old burned-out model and played-out routes for financing that have abused society and the environment for decades.

Traditionally, startups (and their VCs or PE’s) press for the all-important IPO, or maybe SPAC in today’s times. Some opt for acquisition, especially in technology. Many are managed by the EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization) accounting measure, which can be misleading as a metric that is believed to measure a company’s overall financial performance and health. The D&A in the acronym is subject to management assumptions regarding the useful life of an asset. The biggest drawback is that D&A is not a substitute for cash flow and can make a company appear to hold more money (to make interest payments than it does) by basically overstating cash flow.

Ads4Earth is all about creating holistic systems change, and how they are approaching a startup exit is no exception. Royalty vs. equity and exiting as a startup into a nonprofit is an enlightened and intentional act. In their model for a select few investors, full value is recognized immediately because the security is transferable at its total value. This is the equivalent of buying into the pre-seed round at a 99% discount. Liquidity is realized quarterly through royalty payments, so additional value exists. Investors don’t have to wait for an exit event and gamble with the possibility that the stock price will fall and their investment will be worth less than when they initially bought into it.

The Ads4earth model is not just about money for the sake of making money. It is about implementing a sustainable ecosystem model that benefits advertisers and brands, consumers, nonprofits, and investors alike without compromise.

“We seek to build a regenerative economy; with inclusive, multigenerational benefit built around a healthy planet. You can be part of this mission and join 4Earth Reclaimers as we divert money from tech oligarchy and make every business a part of the solution to save the planet.”

Gold Hood, CEO Ads4Earth

Rethink Ads Reclaim Earth

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